TSC WETCLEAN® and Hollywood

In the heart of Toronto's bustling entertainment scene, one name has long been synonymous with the meticulous care and maintenance of the industry's most iconic wardrobes: TSC WETCLEAN®.

With a legacy spanning over 25 years, TSC WETCLEAN has not only serviced the A-list celebrities who grace the silver screen but has also played an integral role in the behind-the-scenes magic of film production.

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Originally founded as two separate entities—Trillium for retail business and Screen Clean for film work—each brought its own expertise to the table. Screen Clean became renowned for its unparalleled expertise in handling the unique challenges posed by the entertainment industry. From intricate period costumes to high-tech wardrobe ensembles, Screen Clean's team of specialists demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt to the diverse needs of film productions.

With the unveiling of a new, state-of-the-art wet cleaning facility on March 15th, 2009 Trillium was merged with Screen Clean to form Trillium Screen Clean or TSC WETCLEAN.

Dating back to 1988, TSC WETCLEAN has been at the forefront of setting the standard for excellence within the dry cleaning industry, with wet cleaning emerging as the preferred method for maintaining the impeccable appearance of high-end garments. With deep roots in Toronto's vibrant film industry, TSC WETCLEAN has lent its expertise to over 400 productions, solidifying our reputation as the trusted choice for professional garment care.

Our first project in film was, “My Secret Identity”, followed by “Kung Fu, and as the “Cleaner to the stars”, we have had the privilege of servicing the wardrobes of some of the biggest names in entertainment. Daniel Craig, Halle Berry, Michael Douglas, and Catherine Zeta-Jones are just a few among the star-studded roster who entrust their garments to TSC.

In the fast-paced world of Hollywood, where appearances matter more than ever, TSC WETCLEAN persists as a trusted ally in preserving the glamour and sophistication of the silver screen's most illustrious stars. When it comes to garment care, there's only one name that shines above the rest.



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