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Rug & Carpet Repair & Cleaning

Professional rug cleaning done right. Our GTA specialist can provide services in cleaning, odour and stain removal.


Area Rug Materials & Cleaning

The material the rug is constructed from determines the proper cleaning method.

There are two basic fiber types used in area rug making; wool and silk. But like many things in life there are challenges.  The existence of imitation silk rugs made from mercerized cotton or synthetic rayon must be taken into consideration.


Silk Rugs:

Silk rugs are more expensive than, but not as durable as wool rugs. There's a significant risk involved with cleaning Oriental silk rugs by yourself, so you should trust the professionals to have it cleaned.



The majority of Oriental rugs are made out of wool. Excluding any special considerations they will clean up with the right amount of tender loving care.


Mercerized Cotton:

Mercerized cotton is shiny, and a number of "silk" rugs are actually made from this treated cotton material. Cotton is treated with the same process used to clean wool fibers.


Synthetic Rayon:

Rayon has the benefit of being highly resistant to staining. One major positive is that these fibers will clean easily.


TSC’s Cleaning Procedure

Without the proper cleaning technology, cleaning area rugs can have a less than desirable result. Our state of the art cleaning technology allows us to professionally clean expensive silk, Oriental, wool, synthetic and mercerized cotton area rugs to perfection without causing any damage to the material. The main ingredient is water. Our soaps are specially formulated from natural oils and surfactants and contain all the necessary dye fasteners to prevent color damage. They are free of phosphates which makes them biodegradable and contain no fragrances.  We are not trying to mask the odor with a flowery scent. Lastly our detergents are hypoallergenic which gives us peace of mind when our little ones are racing through them on all fours.


TSC wet clean has been professionally cleaning rugs in the greater Toronto area since 1988.


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