Sports Equipment

Hockey Equipment Cleaning Mississauga & Toronto

In the past few years it has become evident of the germs and bacteria that can accumulate and pose a threat to our health and the health of our children as a result of sweat and fatty acid build up on hockey equipment. 

The Most Effective Method to Eliminate Fatty Acids

We have researched and developed the technology to effectively clean hockey equipment and protect our health from the effects of dirty and sweaty gear. Although there are many cleaning methods available the fact remains that soap and water is the most effective way to eliminate fatty acid build up and prevent it from spreading into germs and bacteria. 

Sport Equipment Cleaning Process & Technology

At TSC WetClean we use highly advanced soaps and conditioners which are biodegradable, and possess the cleaning power to effectively eliminate fatty acid build up while protecting hockey gear from any damage.  Hockey equipment is cleaned in our state of the art washing machines which limit water absorption and monitor both agitation and water temperature.  

TSC WetClean's superior cleaning technology uses no fragrances or masking agents and provides a healthy and safe solution for ourselves and our environment. The entire cleaning process is gentler than hand washing and body checking. The results will astound you!